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Get Ready For The Renaissance of YOU and everyone else

Sono Collection

Why Do We Shop? Of course, the simple answer is to buy things we need and/or to see stuff we desire. We also shop for connectivity. No, not IT connectivity, but rather our fundamental desire to connect with other human beings. In a word we seek opportunities to socialize. Since ancient times mankind has sought gathering places. Bazaars and souqs dating back at least 3,000 years evolved into larger scale, often mixed-use office and retail developments referred to as CBDs — Central Business Districts. Walt Disney’s childhood memories of growing up in Marceline, Missouri inspired him to create a core area in his original ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ theme park — Disneyland that celebrated and emulated small town America of a bygone era.  Since its creation in 1956 visitors continue to enjoy this nostalgic tribute known as ‘Main Street USA.’ What made small town America so attractive? In a  couple  of words — ‘human-scale’ and coalescence; in contemporary idiom — ‘user friendly.’ Peo