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The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!

                                                                                                                                       The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!    Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages... Family fun awaits you most Sundays in New Milford, CT. I discovered this Big Top extravaganza in June on a beautiful sunshine filled day with blue skies and puffy white clouds. With numerous vendors displaying a vast potpourri of goods covering acres of grounds I eagerly set about exploring the spectacle. People watching was also fun as they hauled off all kinds of interesting stuff — from antique memorabilia to vintage jeans and athletic wear to custom signs, furniture, and art works to plants and flowers. Since I have an antique blender collection, some rare seltzer bottles, a few irons, old vacuum cleaners, and a couple espresso machines I focused on finding missing part

Doug Jones - Your Friend in Fitness!!

Click the link to Download Doug's Bio & Background (then open the downloaded file to view) Please scroll down to access the FREE FITNESS INFO at the bottom of this page. I have learned that regardless of east coast or west, faux friends and 'mannequin' acquaintances abound. And making a real friend living in the fast pace of Fairfield County, Connecticut isn't always easy.  I'm happy to make your acquaintance to a true friend of mine... Doug Jones. As a veritable eccentric genius, Doug lives life creatively, thoughtfully, and unconventionally, with an off-center and ingenious approach to just about everything he does, including the fostering of friendships or the building of businesses. As a preeminent exercise physiologist, Doug has launched into an enviable orbit in the fitness universe by innovating a unique and unprecedented methodology which achieve remarkable results in no time! All right, all right... “In no ti