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The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!

                                                                                                                                       The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!    Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages... Family fun awaits you most Sundays in New Milford, CT. I discovered this Big Top extravaganza in June on a beautiful sunshine filled day with blue skies and puffy white clouds. With numerous vendors displaying a vast potpourri of goods covering acres of grounds I eagerly set about exploring the spectacle. People watching was also fun as they hauled off all kinds of interesting stuff — from antique memorabilia to vintage jeans and athletic wear to custom signs, furniture, and art works to plants and flowers. Since I have an antique blender collection, some rare seltzer bottles, a few irons, old vacuum cleaners, and a couple espresso machines I focused on finding missing part

Doug Jones - Your Friend in Fitness!!

Click the link to Download Doug's Bio & Background (then open the downloaded file to view) Please scroll down to access the FREE FITNESS INFO at the bottom of this page. I have learned that regardless of east coast or west, faux friends and 'mannequin' acquaintances abound. And making a real friend living in the fast pace of Fairfield County, Connecticut isn't always easy.  I'm happy to make your acquaintance to a true friend of mine... Doug Jones. As a veritable eccentric genius, Doug lives life creatively, thoughtfully, and unconventionally, with an off-center and ingenious approach to just about everything he does, including the fostering of friendships or the building of businesses. As a preeminent exercise physiologist, Doug has launched into an enviable orbit in the fitness universe by innovating a unique and unprecedented methodology which achieve remarkable results in no time! All right, all right... “In no ti

Eternal Youth & Happiness

Eternal Youth and Happiness — Is it possible to proclaim eureka?  Does location matter more than vocation? Are people living in the northeast different that people living in the west? Since I moved to Connecticut from the west, life has not been the same. It has been remarkably unpleasant. Not only because of the frigid winter weather and snow storms, but also because of the ‘cool’ social climate. When I arrived in Fairfield County after driving over 2,000 miles from Clark County, Nevada , I immediately noticed all the trees, hilly terrain, and relatively narrow roadways. I also marveled at the picturesque estates gracing the landscape of Greenwich, CT where I was to call home. If there is one redeeming virtue of the northeast it must be the landscape. You see, although I came to Greenwich from Las Vegas, I spent nearly my entire life growing up and living in Southern California where I became accustomed to its year ‘round semi-tropical climate. And alth