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Eternal Youth & Happiness

Eternal Youth and Happiness — Is it possible to proclaim eureka?  Does location matter more than vocation? Are people living in the northeast different that people living in the west? Since I moved to Connecticut from the west, life has not been the same. It has been remarkably unpleasant. Not only because of the frigid winter weather and snow storms, but also because of the ‘cool’ social climate. When I arrived in Fairfield County after driving over 2,000 miles from Clark County, Nevada , I immediately noticed all the trees, hilly terrain, and relatively narrow roadways. I also marveled at the picturesque estates gracing the landscape of Greenwich, CT where I was to call home. If there is one redeeming virtue of the northeast it must be the landscape. You see, although I came to Greenwich from Las Vegas, I spent nearly my entire life growing up and living in Southern California where I became accustomed to its year ‘round semi-tropical climate. And alth