The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!

The Elephant Trunk Flea Market: Connecticut's Biggest & Best Outdoor Extravaganza!

   Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages...
Family fun awaits you most Sundays in New Milford, CT.

I discovered this Big Top extravaganza in June on a beautiful sunshine filled day with blue skies and puffy white clouds. With numerous vendors displaying a vast potpourri of goods covering acres of grounds I eagerly set about exploring the spectacle. People watching was also fun as they hauled off all kinds of interesting stuff — from antique memorabilia to vintage jeans and athletic wear to custom signs, furniture, and art works to plants and flowers. Since I have an antique blender collection, some rare seltzer bottles, a few irons, old vacuum cleaners, and a couple espresso machines I focused on finding missing parts. Without a doubt I delighted in simply marveling at all kinds of items not commonly found in retail stores.

I found the vendors to be as interesting as the merchandise they were selling. Most of them seemed to enjoy engaging in conversation with me and the many visitors. It was really pleasurable to discover such amicable folks. Actually, this ‘circus’ is not only a great place to find interesting stuff, it’s also a great place to interact with some interesting buyers and sellers.

My experience was memorable and entertaining since I enjoy exploring the way people interact. So much so that I’ve created a blog dedicated to comparing east and west coast cultures. Thus Elephant Trunk provides a great opportunity for me to experience Connecticut culture. 

By the way, if you’d like to be a featured vendor in my next blog just send me your contact information. 

Bon voyage,
Bicoastal Buddy


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