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I have learned that regardless of east coast or west, faux friends and 'mannequin' acquaintances abound. And making a real friend living in the fast pace of Fairfield County, Connecticut isn't always easy. 

I'm happy to make your acquaintance to a true friend of mine... Doug Jones.

As a veritable eccentric genius, Doug lives life creatively, thoughtfully, and unconventionally, with an off-center and ingenious approach to just about everything he does, including the fostering of friendships or the building of businesses.

As a preeminent exercise physiologist, Doug has launched into an enviable orbit in the fitness universe by innovating a unique and unprecedented methodology which achieve remarkable results in no time! All right, all right... “In no time” may be a bit of a s-t-r-e-t-c-h; however, the flexibility portion of his program takes as little as 7 SECONDS per muscle group. And, yes, it really works!!

Doug is a scientist at heart and, as he always says, "working out the way your body works really works." Let’s just say that he enables his clients to get results very quickly without the unnecessary spending and expending of time and energy.

He's also been through the transformative process personally because of  a few 'minor' setbacks during his career, including a head-on rollover car accident and 8 years of misdiagnosed lyme disease. Doug really has quite a story of resiliency and restoration.

Doug is an amazingly brilliant guy with an amazingly engaging personality, stellar educational background, and truly caring disposition. He is committed to giving people greater hope and health. His scientific knowledge, enthusiasm, humorous wit, and undiluted passion for his profession have launched him into a rarefied orbit training many of the wealthiest and high-profile clients in the country over the years. His ‘trainees’ tally in the thousands in person (and millions online), and have proved themselves committed physically and fiscally to achieve their individualized fitness goals — from weight loss and injury rehabilitation to muscle development and conditioning.

Doug has also ranked among the Top 100 Worldwide Google Partners with approximately 300,000,000 views online. As a Member of American MENSA and Creator of Your Eccentric Genius, Doug Jones is an ingeniously gifted individual dedicated to helping others improve their health and happiness. He has certainly made a positive difference in my life.

Doug earned a Bachelor’s Degree (focused on Pre-Med & Human Performance) with a 3.99 GPA and Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology on a Full Academic Scholarship. He is the author of several books, many websites, and hundreds of articles and columns. He is also the creator of the nationally acclaimed ’12-Week Physique’ Transformation Program. Doug’s talents are truly 'broad spectrum' and extend well beyond his exercise physiology expertise.

Blessed with an inimitable sense of humor, Doug is a very funny guy with and an irrepressible penchant for bringing joy to practically everyone he encounters.  He has a delightfully disarming demeanor coupled with an uncanny ability to quickly 'read' people. It's second nature for him to adeptly time his 'performance' to amusingly catch people off-guard. The message Doug succeeds to deliver is as ebulliently entertaining as it is indelibly heartening. It reminds me of Kodak's mid-70s commercial theme -- The Times of Your Life

Engaging with strangers is his specialty and I've never seen him pass up the opportunity. He loves creating positively memorable moments in people's lives even if their paths never cross again. His energy-level is remarkably high and nearly always revving at red line. Most people guess that he's a decade-and-a-half less than his actual age.

With brilliant wordplay and quick wit that most likely keeps his elite clientele entertained, Doug also has the ability to relate to people of all ages with childlike playfulness. In essence, he is the elixir that cures ennui by turning frowns upside down and the ordinary into the extraordinary. His greatest passion is to serve people "In Health & With Hope," one of his many ancillary projects.

Doug's nutritional regime is carefully composed although, on occasion, he indulges in a quanta of junk food. He’s really a stickler on hygiene and health and has even invented a couple of 'cures,' one to prevent sickness and another to eradicate it after the fact.

Among his recreational passions are hiking long (and sometimes treacherous) trails, body surfing, and exploring the shallow blue seas surrounding his former haven of happiness, Kauai, Hawaii. He is also a very creative real estate marketing strategy expert, a periodic almost-scratch golfer, a former magician, and an aspiring musician (fast ragtime piano). Actually, Doug has played the piano a few times where I used to work... Disneyland!! (My Disneyland Blog

From what I gather, Doug has tried many a thing, done them quite well, and then moved on to temporarily master something completely different and new. It would not be a stretch to describe Doug as the consummate Renaissance man. Hey... look what I just found... and oldie but goodie. If you make it halfway through he'll double the pace of his playing.

Be sure to also visit his fitness business website: I know that Doug always keeps a pretty full roster of clients; in any case, I'm sure that he would appreciate hearing from you. Just tell him that Bicoastal Buddy sent you. And, if you ask him a quick question, I've never heard him without an answer which makes sense, simply and scientifically.

To get you started, Doug has offered to me (to give to you) his IntroDougtory Fitness Series. Receiving advice on eating and exercise from a world-renowned expert and eccentric exercise genius is the best! And, in this case, the best things in life are FREE.

IntroDougtion to Doug!

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WHAT is Exercise?

WHEN Should I Exercise?

WHERE Should I Exercise?

WHY Should I Exercise?

HOW TO Exercise?

HOW TWO Exercise?

Aloha from California and Connecticut,

Bicoastal Buddy

P.S. Don't forget to click the link to Download Doug's Bio & Background.


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